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Regarding service, our black box type system, The Windshield Witness©, includes and excludes specific features, so as to automatically and continually better protect drivers from the ever increasing incidents of fraudulent accident claims, both intentional and otherwise.


Bringing the Windshield Witness© to market is not our first trip to the "dash cam" rodeo, so to speak. Since late 2009, we have continued to successfully market and deliver an economically priced dash cam, not of HD quality. As of 2014, we have upgraded our sister product to 720P HD. Those dash cam sales are consistently at or above expectations and projections. We need not mention our sister product line here, as we are not looking to ride their coattails. The Windshield Witness© system stands on it's own merits and has been received equally as well, if not stronger, as it is 1080P HD, priced fairly and sporting all the right features and we do mean all!

Since 2011, numerous customer requests to provide an economical, highly reliable and user friendly 1080P dash camera system, spawned the Windshield Witness©. We not only listen to you, our customers, we learn and equally as important we take action.

In early 2012, we decided it was prudent to add the 1080P HD model requested and considering fraudulent accident claims surged, we wanted a system to protect drivers and not just be another dash camera on the market. During testing, we came upon one particular model that was already 99% of what we knew the Windshield Witness needed to be and better yet it was one with no problems. We found our starting point. It did, however, take over a year to find and secure two reliable sources that could and would deliver product having all the specs we required. They ultimately agreed to bring this well proven model, to our specifications but with considerable investment on our part. The specifics are proprietary. We won't go into the months of back and forth discussions, revisions and seemingly endless testing of units, endured as part of our due diligence process. If we did, this would be all of 80 some odd paragraphs. Let's just say that we dotted all of our I's and crossed all of our T's, one by one, many, many times over. Obtaining these additional overseas relationships, coupled with our existing relationship with Transcend, our exclusive provider of high quality SDHC cards, allowed us to deliver a high quality, correctly outfitted, highly competitively priced, dash cam system that better protects drivers from fraudulent accident claims and that can be counted on to function as promised. To further ensure our customers satisfaction, unlike any other dash cam provider, our product would be triple tested prior to delivery.

Over the years, we've come to solidly realize that keeping our minimal product line remains an integral key to our success, in delivering high quality products, as this affords a much more focused quality control process, resulting in highly satisfied customers. This is the primary reason we continue to experience exceptional customer referral sales percentages.

We strongly feel that every dash cam system we provide delivers both the best value and the best product available, in their prospective markets.

What We Deliver

We are old school, fair, simple and to the point. We play a straight ball game and deliver quality dash camera systems that can be counted on day after day.

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