Windshield Witness Technical

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Here is elaboration for many of the features for the Windshield Witness System.

  • Technical Aspects of Windshield Witness System - The system designed, with your protection in mind.

    Full HD video quality 1080P of 1920 x 1080 at 30fps (optional 720P at 30fps)

    Field of view is 145 degrees, incorporating a Professional Ultra wide, Low Distortion, 5 million pixel, Full color, CMOS Sensor Lens.

    Current Date and Time stamp on Video. Format is YYYY/MM/DD HH.MM.SS ie: 2013/06/01 05:58:58

    Video is H.264/MPEG4 AVC Encoding and is file type MP4.

    Video file cyclic record duration configurability is 1, 2, 3, 5 minutes can select continuous recording, as well.

    Option to override cyclic recording and record continuously. This is for times when you wish to create a video exceeding the 1, 2, 3 or 5 minute segment length. If you're going for a long drive and want large continuous files.

    Button option to truncate the current video file and commence a new video file recording. This is perfect, when set to not cyclic record.

    Additional button option to lock and save current video file, keeping it from automatically being overwritten once SD card is full. Once you record an event you want to lock and save, simply push a button. (or master menu setting to lock all)

    Built in G Force Sensor automatically locks current video file, should your vehicle experience sudden deceleration, abrupt stop or sudden jarring. (Button lock access also) This means that should you have an accident, the file recording the accident will be automatically locked, so that it cannot be overwritten by accident.

    When SD card is full, the oldest (and not locked) video file will be written over automatically by the most recent video recorded.

    Incorporates automated Seamless & cyclic recording, with overlapping video supported. This means that all video is captured and nothing is missed between saving files, as files are both written and recorded simultaneously. You may even adjust overlap time to be 0, 1 or 2 seconds.

    Proven window mount with upgraded (thicker) suction cup for even greater adherence. Our window mount allows for the Windshield Witness to mounted on a completely vertical windshield. (Check local laws regarding items attached to front windshield)

    Displays real-time G-Sensor statistics, along bottom of recorded video. This documents braking, acceleration and sudden stop G-force levels.

    System turns on and off automatically. This is accomplished through lighter socket power, controlled by ignition.

    Firmware includes scene recognition algorithm for advanced image signal processing, delivering excellent image quality.

    State of the art, Twin Supercapacitors (Each 2.7v, 5.5F) collectively store power and consistently deliver the required energy necessary to finalize writing of the current video file (when necessary), upon power cut off or even when sudden impact disconnects the vehicle's battery completely. These Supercapacitors also maintain current date and time, alleviating the need for an internal battery and Supercapacitors last many years longer than batteries.

    System includes a smart motion detection algorithm, which senses the difference between actual motion and a shadow. (Motion detection is a menu on/off setting)This is used when WW is stationary and you wish to record only when there is movement in front of the field of view.

    Captures night video very well, without the need for LED's, through utilizing vehicle headlights.

    The camera chipset is the non-USA made Zoran Coach 12V. Yes, we ultimately chose a specific Zoran chipset, over other manufacturers, due to a consistently higher quality of night video recording.

    In addition to its advanced noise reduction pipeline, the COACH12 processor incorporates temporal filtering to further reduce noise when shooting video clips. Temporal filtering takes advantage of the fact that consecutive video frames contain the same elements, such as static background (buildings, pictures on the walls etc.) Identification of identical elements in multiple frames provides more information about the noise and the element itself. Thus the noise can be reduced even further without losing details. Most of the video clips people create contain motion - people walking, cars passing by, children sliding down a slide. The COACH12 processor incorporates unique algorithms to track objects within different frames even if they move and use this information to perform temporal filtering, not only in the static areas of the scene, but also in the dynamically moving elements of the video clip. The result is reduced noise and better compression. An additional benefit of the COACH Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering is that, unlike other temporal filtering algorithms, camera movement does not produce unwanted compression artifacts around moving objects.

    The Windshield Witness system's SDHC card may also serve as a USB2.0 mass storage device.(While SDHC card is present and unit is powered on)

    Flip down viewing screen is a full 2.7in diagonally, a true color display TFT LCD (Thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display), which is a variant of liquid-crystal display (LCD) that incorporates thin-film transistor (TFT) technology, to improve image qualities, ie; addressability and contrast. TFT LCD is an active-matrix LCD, in contrast to passive-matrix LCD's or simple, direct-driven LCDs, with a few segments.

    Video screen may be rotated 270 degrees. This allows extreme screen angle adjustment. Additionally, by electing to install two Windshield Witness systems, this feature affords front view and rear view system mounting, having both screens easily visible to the driver, simultaneously.

    Recorded videos may be previewed on screen (including audio), while unit is powered by the car charger or connect to a PC and copy the files for viewing on your PC.

    SDHC card may also be safely removed (once unit is turned off) and files then viewed on any PC by inserting the SD card into your PC or by copying the files from the SD card by connecting the Windshield Witness to your PC using the supplied USB cable.

    Internal, quality Microphone & Speaker. Audio recording is 16 bit mono,FS = 48KHz, AAC Compression. The microphone is somewhat sensitive. For the most part, if you can hear it, it will be recorded. (Mic may be muted also)

    The internal microphone is designed to capture sound within the vehicle cabin and ,at typical speaking volume, within 3 ft outside the vehicle, considering the windows are down. Special Example: With your windows down, should someone be peeling wheels up to a city block away, the syetem will record it.

    Button for quick audio on/off recording control. (or this can be a master menu setting)

    Composite video broadcasting signal output: Line-out for NTSC or PAL.

    System supports up to a 32GB SD/SDHC card. This translates to 9+ HRS of recording. Your system may include a full sized SDHC or a Mini Sized card, at our discretion.

    Your supplied SDHC Transcend Class 10 SDHC Card now comes with a full 5 year replacement warranty (provided through Transcend) for full size or a MicroSD, at their option. (Adaptor would be included.) Yes, the Transcend Micro SD card meets the same heat and speed requirements that our Windshield Witness requires.

    Upgrade is available during PayPal check out to have a 32 GB SDHC card. Both the 8GB and 32GB are Class 10, by Transcend.

    System includes a Car charger, Upgraded Window Mount, USB cable connector, Transcend SDHC Class 10 card (You select card capacity)

    System is primarily powered through vehicle lighter socket, DC 12-24V. Car charger has an approx 14ft power cord, for lenghty, hidden wire installations.

  • Operating temperature: -20C to 80C (Failsafe protection circuit shuts down unit when above 80c.)

  • Operating humidity: 18 to 85% RH

  • Storage temperature: -25C to 90C

    Housing has a soft black velvet look and feel to it, as opposed to a hard glossy plastic. (Do not rub to clean, pat using warm water damped soft cloth only)

    Customer support, via Email, that addresses your concerns or questions, in easily understandable English and in a most timely manner. Our quick response is attributed to minimal need for customer support.

    Operating manual/directions in English, that are simple to comprehend and provides detailed information coupled with step by step instructions. (delivered by email)

  • On board set-up menu is extremely easy to work with, maneuver through and very easy on the eyes.

  • System includes patented "set it and forget it" software technology.

  • This one is not a feature.
    It's just interesting.
    Another acronym for WWW is:
    Windshield Witness© Website.

  • Menu currently supports 5 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Dutch.

  • Lifetime complimentary firmware updates included and sent via email. (Emailed as updates are completed and beta test approved by us.)

  • Each system is individually bench tested, triple inspected, USPS Priority Mail Box packaged and sent from right here in the good old USA.(Priority Mail shipment applies only to USA addresses)

  • 30 day money back guarantee, from date of purchase, for any camera factory defect.(Available for WW single unit purchase only.)

  • Full one year replacement/repair warranty at our discretion, from date of purchase, for any camera factory defect.(Replacement good towards current WW model.)

  • Technical Misc.

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