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Statements below are from contact inquiries and or correspondance.

People Are Talking:

Thanks for a great product.. - Ken N. Abingdon, Va. I have been using my two windshield wittness dash cams for 1,185 days. Only time they have been shut off is to remove the sd card for video review on a PC. I belive this product has passed the endurance test. No warranty claims, no equipment problems and NO BATTERIES REQUIRED! Just a piece of usable equipment that keeps on CLICKING! In my opinion, operators of all types of vechiles must have the Windshield Wittness Dash Cam.

9-11-2016 ... Ken N. - The Villages, FL (Tiffin RV Network Forum)

Please let your web person post this. IT IS A GREAT VALUE!!!!!!!!!

9-2-2016 ... Margie P. - Venice, WA

My sister bought me this for my birthday. It is a very caring gift and one I will use everyday.

8-23-2016 ... Charli F. - Ontario, CA I bought your windshield witness and have not had one problem with it. The video quality is so good.

8-22-2016 ... Walt B. - Salt Lake City, UT

I displayed mine at a car show inside my Jerr-Dan and all my friends loved it.

8-08-2016 ... Devon W. - Detroit, MI

My cab driver couldnt stop bragging about his Windshield Witness so I bought one for myself. It arrived quickly and was packaged well.

7-15-2016 ... Anastasia G. - Toledo, OH

No more worry about missed video. Thank your team for offering such a great dash camera system.

7-06-2016 ... Hubert J. - Brooklyn NY

I heard favorable comments about the Windshield Witness on the Tiffin RV Network so I went ahead and bought one. It has performed exactly as described on the web page and I feel so much more protected when driving knowing the Witness is recording everything through the windshield. I had a question about operating the Windshield Witness so I e-mailed the company. In very short order a representative actually called me and explained in great detail what I needed to know. I couldn't ask for better customer service or a better car camera system.

6-23-2016 ... Bob A. - The Villages, FL

With all our vehicles and drivers, we've had a number of incidents where no witnesses existed. It's been one person's word against another, and we've had more than our share of people change their story. I've purchased a number of other brands, but have found the Windshield Witness to work well, and as advertised. I've tested a Windshield Witness for over a year, without any issues and bought another 20 units.

4-04-2016 ... Tom M. - Ladera Ranch, CA

Others said both your product and your customer service is excellent. I emailed your company prior to ordering and received my response within two hours. Needless to say my order was placed immediately thereafter.

3-19-2016 ... Craig W. - Miami, FL

I've had my Windshield Witness for about two months. I was having a problem getting the sd card to format so I sent an email to technical support. I got a phone call back in less than five minutes from Frank who took me through a series of commands to determine the problem. It turned out the problem was with the sd card, not the Windshield Witness. He then went on to instruct me on how to print an RMA to return the card for replacement. I can't speak highly enough about Frank's commitment to customer service. He was very personable and friendly as well. Every company should have the level of customer service I experienced with Windshield Witness and Frank. I can't recommend them highly enough!

3-03-2016 ... Michael R. - Texarcana, TX

I own a Windshield Witness. Please post my comment on the Testimonials page. -> On my vans maiden voyage south, a gent in a pickup ran a red light and nearly broadsided me. On return home, I ordered your dashcam. It arrived pronto, set up in a snow storm in about 5 minutes and was up and running for my next roadtrip. Works great, no issues, well made and I am feeling a whole lot more secure.

2-17-2016 ... Sandy A. - Jericho VT

You have a great system and I see why it is so popular.

2-12-2016 ... Glendora B. - Igloo WV

Who came up with the name windshield witness? That was genius. The perfect name!!!!!!

2-06-2016 ... Alan H. - Bennettsville SC

Please let your people know that your camera has been used every day for the past three years and has not failed.

1-29-2016 ... Blake P. - Bullion WV

I place it in my bay window when we are not driving. Works perfectly.

1-28-2016 ... Mark A. - Jackson Hole NV

Mine was a retirement present from my boss. What a thoughtful gift.

1-8-2016 ... Harold S. - Grpg City OR

We saw your camera in a taxicab on our visit to Houston and had to buy one.

12-20-2015-2015 ... Gregory H. - Detroit MI

Every driver should have a dash camera. This camera is made very well.

12-07-2015 ... Michelle C. - Bayonne NJ

My wife used the video in court and proved she was in the right. I bought another one for my daughter.

11-16-2015 ... Reginald G. - Cherry Hill NJ

Thank you for the discount on our 5 camera order. Much appreciated.

11-02-2015 ... Steph T. - Dover DE

Your customer service contacted me within 2 hours of my emai! Fantasttic.

10-16-2016 ... Herbert L. - Flint MI

We love the transfer kit and the package arrived fast.

10-2-2015 ... George W. - Washington DC

Please post this on your site. I have had 2 other brand cameras and both died on me in 6 months. Yours has been in my truck 2 years and NO problems.

9-19-2015 ... Michael D. - Virginville PA


9-13-2015 ... Amir F. - Portland ME

If an officer Bryant buys one please send me a commission. LOL He liked it so much he didn't give me a ticket for seatbelt!!!!

9-02-2015 ... Scott F. - Newark DE

We bought because there is no battery to wear out and die in a year or so. Thanks for the follow up email.

8-25-2015 ... James K. - Trenton NJ

Not only does the camera do all you say it also looks very good.

8-09-2015 ... Edwin R. - San Juan Mexico

My wife told me to buy the best dash camera available for our vacation. We ar both pleased with the Windshield Witness Cam.

8-01-2015 ... Tyrone J. - Vienna VA

We bought due to you having so much helpful information on your website.

7-22-2015 ... Fannie C. - Amarillo TX

Bless you for sending ours out the same day we ordered. We had it in time for our two month road trip.

7-16-2015 ... Helen D. - Stubenville OH

A car sideswiped our truck at 11pm and that video was still on there at 10am the next morning. The lock file mechanism works perfect. We found out who did it. I can not thank you enough.

7-05-2015 ... Samuel K. - Washington DC

My father mailed me this for my birthday and now I won't drive without it. It will give me proof in any situation. Many thanks.

6-18-2015 ... Okani M. - Honolulu HI

Your 14 foot cord is perfect for the RV and we love the metal window mount thing.

6-12-2015 ... Douglas S. - Miami FL

Thank Mr. Gerber for calling me after getting my email on how to hard wire the camera. Much appreciated Frank.

5-26-2015 ... Gary H. - Boston Mass.

Packaging was great and the SD card was installed for us. Thank you.

5-10-2015 ... Thomas R. - Beaver Lick KY

Had it installed only two days and a car cut me off. State Trooper caught the woman from tag number on video.

4-26-2015 ... Shirley J. - Phila PA

Thank you for the tip about on your website. We found several new campsites!!! And thank you for having such a wonderful product!!!!

4-19-2015 ... Shirley J. - Oxnard CA

Thank you for the guidance - makes sense. Also, appreciate your honest fairness with a customer.

4-05-2015 ... Gary C. - Manassas VA

Thank you the prompt and thorough response. We are up and running with our WW Dash Cam. Based on our initial test drive with it we are quite pleased.

4-05-2015 ... Tom C. - Tolland CT

Thank you so much. I saw this product on the Roadtrek Facebook post and I will comment there on your wonderful customer service. Thank you again!

4-04-2015 ... Sandra S. - Wildwood FL

Thanks for your prompt response to my inquiry - I look forward to receiving my "black box". Also, thanks for the kind words on our website - I like things simple, and straightforward.

3-25-2015 ... Joe S. - Narrows VA

I recently received my Windshield Witness with the transfer kit and have installed it in both vehicles.

3-23-2015 ... Nancy K. - Boulder CO

I received your email regarding the ordering of two complete Windshield Witness Dash Cams and yes, I did want to order two! One is for my car and the other is for my husband's truck. Thank you for checking with me to make sure that is what I intended to do!

3-20-2015 ... Nancy J. - Manchester TN

I just received it! Thank you for you prompt responses.

3-14-2015 ... Vince P. - Reno NV

Glad all 15 units arrived in time for our grand opening and the packaging was terriffic!

2-08-2015 ... Stewart M. - Beaumont TX

The valance mount is the perfect accessory. You guys are a class act.

1-22-2015 ... Greg T. - Roanoke VA

This is a great camera and I love that we can move it back and forth between our RV and the jeep.

1-15-2015 ... Mario V. - Portland OR

You have made this die hard Steeler fan VERY happy. Wherever we travel we take the Windshield Witness.

1-06-2015 ... Wayne L. - Pittsburg PA

We are very happy with your camera and will suggest it to all our friends and TV park neighbors.

12-20-2014 ... Sylvia A. - Houston TX

Thank you for emailing me the one-year follow up questionnaire. Not only do you have the best dash cam I have ever used, your follow up is comendable. People are being ripped off buying poor quality dash cams that fail and yours is quite the opposite. I tell everyone how happy I am with it. You have my permission to post this on your website. God bless you.

12-08-2014 ... Kathy L. - Rockville MD

Here is my order for three more of the 32GB systems. I want to give them to my mom, dad and brother for Christmas.

12-03-2014 ... Melvin J. Fort Myers FL

I saw one of these in a cab and bought mine the next day. It works perfectly.

12-01-2014 ... Walter O. - Boston MA

Please post how happy I am with the two windshiled witness cameras I purchased. I had other makes and they stopped working in less than 90 days. Both of these have been in for over a year and work great.

11-26-2014 ... Gary D. - Dale City CA

The 12 we purchased for our transport vehicles are working well for the past 13 months with no complaints. Good job.

11-14-2014 ... Roger A. - Tucson AZ

The free mounting bracket holds the camera perfectly on the valance. It's sweet how it starts and stops automatically. Thank your people.

11-03-2014 ... Charlie R. - Olypia WA

Had it in 2 months and darned if I didn't need the video. The officer saw my video and gave the other driver a ticket and not me.

10-19-2014 ... Steve S. - Muncie IN

All tow truck drivers should have one of these on their dash. Thank you for a wonderful product.

10-13-2014 ... Richard E.- Washington DC

we feel safer in our RV knowing should something happen we will have proof. The picture is so clear I can see the license plate of other vehicles.

09-26-2014 ... Harris W. - Knoxville TN

My dad suggested your camera because I travel for my job and it works perfect. I uploaded one video of a truck rearending a car in front of me.

09-05-2014 ... Desiree L. - Roanoke VA

Bless you for making these available. Our daughter has the second one we purchased.

08-22-2014 ... Melinda F. - Pittsburg PA

The mount for our Renegade holds the WW perfectly. Thank you for providing it.

08-05-2014 ... Stuatr D. - Miami FL

We ordered one for each of us on Monday and Friday they arrived. That was perfect. Thanx.

07-16-2014 ... Brad C. - Carlsbad CA

My wife bought this for me and it is one of the best gifts ever.

07-09-2014 ... Haroild T. - Arlington TX

I wanted to let you know that the other two dash cameras I had both died within 8 months. Yours has been running well over one year and has not had one single hiccup.

06-22-2014 ... Kevin W. - Memphis TN

Every time I start my truck I feel better knowing the camera is on. This is something every trucker needs.

05-28-2014 ... Mark P. - Roanoke VA

Having it automatically save the file upon impact is awesome!

05-10-2014 ... Chester A. - Albany NY

Thank you for the followup email. I am real happy with my decision to buy your camera. It was based on it being sent from the USA * the one year warranty * it has no battery to wear out * it does not have GPS, you had many satisfied customers * I could not find any unhappy customers anywhere and you responded to my email questions fast. The camera has been in my 18 wheeler over four months and works like a champ. You can put all this on your web site.

04-12-2014 ... Conrad S. - Joliet IL

After using my windshield witness for only a day of driving I see why so many others have purchased one.

04-11-2014 ... Larry T. - Roanoke VA

I actually had bought another camera, but it didn't live up to its claims. Luckily, the vendor agreed to refund my money. I bought the WW after a large discussion on the Tiffin RV Network forum, which had many people recommending it. I wished I'd asked the forum for recommendations BEFORE I bought the other one, but then, in retrospect, I guess my "education" with the other unit provides me with the info to know that the WW is a very good product!

02-12-2014 ... Joe G. - Phoenix AZ (Tiffin RV Network Forum)

We recently decided to purchase a dash camera for our travels. The decision was twofold. First, it's a way to record our travels down the highways without having to constantly take pictures thru the windshield. Secondly, and more importantly in my mind, is the ability to have the camera act as a "witness" in the event of a crash or similar event. In this world of excessive litigation, sometimes just being in the "right" is not enough. As many who follow this blog know, I am an active poster and follower of the Tiffin RV Network Forum. I've received a lot of help there and have received honest opinions of products. This was the case when I began my search for a dash camera. I had a few criteria to be met for a dash camera. Price is always a concern and I didn't want to pay a fortune, but most importantly was the ability to capture a clear picture. After following a few discussion threads on dash cameras I placed an order for the Windshield Witness. This camera is lightweight and comes with a suction cup window mount, an AC charger, a DC power cord, a USB cable, and either an 8gb or 32gb SDHC memory card (depending upon your preference). Best of all, the camera can record a true HD image at 1920x1080 or 1280x720 resolutions. The file format is .mp4 and files can be captured from a menu selection of 1,2,3 or 5 minutes, or a continuous capture (until the SD card fills). The item is shipped from the Baltimore, MD area (I'm sure it's made in one of the Asian countries) and arrived to me in CA via USPS Priority Mail in short order.

(Courtesy of

04-04-2014 ... Steve F. - Box Elder SD (Tiffin RV Network Forum)

My old dash cam from eBay fell off the window almost weekly and had poor video quality. Your suction cup mount stays on and does not fall off. Its been on for 8 months straight and video is exceptional!

03-31-2014 ... Dan H. - Long Beach CA

The WW system is a GREAT value. I am completely pleased with mine including how well you have handled my inquiries. Even while in the midst of resolving my issue, I have recommended other motor coach owners to purchase from you. Thanks again for all the help and for producing a great product.

07-10-2013 ... Larry H. - Huntsville TX (Tiffin RV Network Forum)

This is awesome! Our neighbor's vehicle was broken into earlier this week, and he was talking about installing a camera, you just gave me an awesome use for this little gizmo when we aren't on the road! I think it's going to be mounted inside the window of our house monitoring the driveway! You guys are awesome! Thanks again!

07-03-2013 ... JPaul T. - Powder Springs GA (Tiffin RV Network Forum)

Whoever had a hand in preparing the document (the WW Manual) should be commended. It is far and away the best manual I have seen for a dash camera. So far I am very impressed. Like you said, it was very easy to setup. I took it for a short drive in my Jeep, and have uploaded a short video here

The image quality is in my opinion excellent. I was particularly impressed that I could easily read the license plate number of the vehicle that was stopped in front of me, although it is much clearer in the raw file than it is in the YouTube upload. I am also impressed that the external power cord is over 14' in length. This makes it very easy to attach the camera to the top center of a motor windshield and have plenty of cord to run over to and down the A pillar to get to a dash cigarette lighter receptacle. I personally am using a little different setup where I have installed a cigarette lighter receptacle behind my dash that is wired to the ignition side of the breaker panel so the camera turns on and off with the ignition key. I'm going to be posting my reviews on quite a few RV forums and would like to have as much information as possible. I think you have a winner here. Good job!

06-09-2013 ... Bob G. - Carson City NV (Tiffin RV Network Forum)

Please post this on testimonials. YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER DASH CAMERA THAN THIS ONE!!!!!!

03-26-2014 ... Larry G. - Monroe LA

Thank you for making this system available at a fair price.

03-18-2014 ... Armand H. - Hawaii HI

I was in NY on business and my cab driver was using your camera. He loved it. I bought one while in the cab! It arrived last month and is working perfectly. Can I get a quantity discount on fleet purchase of 35?

03-09-2014 ... Mark P. - Austin TX

The extra length car cord let me hide it around and behind the console. Only a few inches show up by the camera.

03-03-2014 ... Bradley F. - Las Vegas NV

Where do I start? This was the third dash cam we have tried. One was the xxxxxx(brand name removed) and the other was a xxxxxxxx(brand name removed). Both were not worth the price. Your camera is a keeper. Everything about it is high quality. The video is excellent. My wife said to email you and let you know how happy we are.

02-28-2014 ... Ian R. - Belleville IL

I recieved this as a birthday gift last October. Now every time I get in my car and hear the camera turn on, I smile and thank my dad.

02-25-2014 ... Julie W. - New Caastle PA

This transfer kit is perfect for moving my WW between vehicles. You certainly do listen and act on customer feedback.

02-16-2014 ... Stanley O. - Dale City CA

I was not sure what was meant by a soft texture to the Windshield Witness camera until I got it. It is soft to the touch and so classy.

02-11-2014 ... Sylvia G. - Orlando FL

Thank you for having the OFF option available for cycle recording. We can now make our trip videos any length we want.

02-02-2014 ... Rocco V. - Savanna GA

Hubby gave me the WW for my birthday and I love it.

01-26-2014 ... Donna T. - Gretna LA

You have the perfect system and thanks for the firmware update. We have a system in the bus, jeep and now our daughter's car.

01-13-2014 ... David G. - Houston TX

Mine has been working 3 months now without any problems. The picture quality is alarming. Thank you.

01-02-2014 ... Hassan J. - Redwood City CA

Please accept my gratitude for the decision your company has made in resending a new camera at no extra cost. It's nice to know that there are companies like yours still out there that will go the extra step to provide professional and personal service as your company has. I am looking forward to "signing" for the receipt of the new camera. Wishing you and your colleagues a wonderful and prosperous New Year! (Camera stolen from rural mailbox)

12-30-2013 ... Denise B. - Burlington CT (Tiffin RV Network Forum)

Mine works perfectly. Here is my christmas gift order of 4 cameras.

12-04-2013 ... Kyle O. - Midland TX

My dad bought one and loves it. He gave me your website and I ordered one for me and for my sister.

11-28-2013 ... Marc L. - Hollywood FL.

I let the officer see my video and he was most upset the other driver lied about what happened. I am so happy I had it. This camera was worth every penny.

11-13-2013 ... Ryan H. - Jackson TN.


11-10-2013 ... Blake D. - Bristol VA.

Thank you for having these available. All four rollbacks have em now.

11-01-2013 ... John R. - Camden NJ.

My sister was in an accident that was not her fault and could not prove it. These two will be for us both. Thank you for having a great website and product.

10-25-2013 ... Margaret A. - Naples FL.

We had the one with infared lights on the front for night vision. They was a joke. The Windshield Witness is better.

10-14-2013 ... Thomas Y. - Racine WI.

You have a high quality product at a fair price. These are working fine. Cheers!

10-06-2013 ... Merv N. - Tuscon AZ

Thank you for your six month follow up email. You will be happy to know that our system is performing exactly like your web site says.

09-24-2013 ... Charles L. - NY NY.

4 of our cabs have been using your cameras and after six months of use I am buying 36 more. Every cab company should use these.

09-16-2013 ... William C. - Los Angeles CA.

It took me minutes to install and works perfect.

09-11-2013 ... Tobias J. - Tacoma WA.

One is for my hubby and the other is for my daughter. Not having the GPS is a big plus. Thank you for letting everyone know that!!!!

08-19-2013 ... Mallory S. - Sharon PA

I LOVE the menu. It makes it easy to use and the picture is very clear day or night.

08-15-2013 ... Cecilia F. - Davis CA.

My third time purchasing. This camera is the best. Bless you.

08-03-2013 ... Parat S. - Elyrih OH

The free extra charger and window mount arrived today. WOW! You sent a home charger too. That is awesome. Thank you.

07-09-2013 ... Marty J. - Logan, UT

We are so happy with this I am buying one for my sister and her husband as a wedding gift. They will use it every day.

07-08-2013 ... Greg C. - Flagstaff, AZ

Many many thanks for making this package available.

07-06-2013 ... Mark D. - Tyler TX

You guys are awesome! Thanks again.

07-03-2013 ... Paul T. - Powder Springs, GA (Tiffin RV Network Forum)

My wife and I are both very pleased with our cameras. You have an excellent camera system and excellent customer service!! Thank you Frank.

07-01-2013 ... Lester P. - Vienna, VA

I am very satisfied with the WW and will recommend it to my friends.

06-28-2013 ... Ronald B. - Street, MD

All 4 Windshield Witness cameras work fine and we ordered the other 42. Thank you for warning people not to use a GPS system.

06-25-2013 ... Chad L. - Sacramento, CA

I received my WW today. Thank you very much for the quick and positive experience. It is greatly appreciated.

06-19-2013 ... Steve H. - Gahanna, OH (Tiffin RV Network Forum)

Called PayPal directly and they helped set up account and I was able to make the purchase. Website should say "pay with PayPal only". It would help a lot.

06-02-2013 ... C.H. - Undisclosed

I have seen the light. I now understand why I do not want GPS. THANK YOU. My Visa did not work right away.

06-02-2013 ... Erol G. - Miami, FL

This is a super web site. Impressive.

06-01-2013 ... Frederick C. - Portland, OR

Good to find a company that advertises their product well and has something of value to offer.

06-01-2013 ... Brenda J. - Victoria, TX

Never guessed my mph on video was not smart. I drive a lil over the speed limit. Who doesn't? This has our protection in mind. C'an't wait for it to arrive. Thanks

06-01-2013 ... Miller G. - Joplin, MO

Refreshing website congrats. Ordered one for myself. Another for hubby. We will send in a thumb picture.

06-01-2013 ... Sandra J. - Alexandria, VA

My friends on Facebook will know about your Witness Cam. Lucky I didnt buy the one I considered.

06-01-2013 ... Chad B. - Los Angeles, CA